For every girl, the morning gathering of the bride is a special ritual. Despite the fact that this part of the wedding day is not the most exciting and solemn, it also requires careful preparation.

Every detail is important here: the image of the bride and her friends, the photographer, the style of shooting, the time of the gathering and, of course, the place! Our article is just about the locations where it will be most convenient to spend the morning of the bride. The main celebration is already very close, but you still haven't chosen a location for the wedding shoot? Or maybe you don't want photos "like everyone else"? Then after reading this article, you will definitely decide on the location of the photo shoot. Here is an up-to-date selection of places for a wedding photo shoot, thanks to which the pictures will turn out to be especially atmospheric and extraordinary.

In a hotel room or apartment

An apartment or a spacious hotel room is the most successful option for brides who spend their morning gathering in a large company. Also, it is convenient if you want to spend the morning of the bride without haste, enjoying every minute. The main thing is to choose a photogenic room (apartment): with a beautiful setting that suits your theme, stylish renovation and good natural light.

In the photo studio

The main advantage of this location is, of course, the variety of halls. Choose a photo studio to your taste: spacious, with a light or dark interior, with large windows, in an old or modern style, bright or minimalistic. High-quality light and thoughtful locations guarantee you beautiful pictures. But check with the studio administrators in advance the questions you are interested in (in some halls it is forbidden to be in a large company and with food / drinks).

At home

Of course, you can also conduct morning training at home. It's even much more convenient, because you will feel relaxed. It is important that the house is beautiful and bright, so that there are all the necessary conditions for collecting: space, the right number of outlets, a comfortable table and good natural light. Only the number of guests will be very limited if the apartment is small. Do not forget about the presence of at least a stylist and a photographer.

In a country house, in nature

If the weather is good on your wedding day, you can spend the morning gathering in nature. Additional decor will add effect to the pictures and create a more cozy atmosphere. If you or your loved ones have a country house, it will be very convenient to stay inside, going out on the veranda or on the plot for a photo shoot or video shooting. In addition, this option does not involve hard timing, such as, for example, fees in apartments or studios.

In a stylist's studio or a wedding salon

One of the practical options, because stylists often meet brides halfway. If agreed in advance, your dress will be stored in the salon (studio) even before the holiday, and the bride will not have to take care of its delivery and preparation in the morning. In the studio of a makeup artist (stylist), the bride's relatives can also create their own image with the help of specialists, which is also a pleasant addition to the fees in these locations.

If you think through every detail of every element of the bride's morning gatherings, then, be sure, you and your guests will have only the most pleasant memories of the wedding day!