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How much time does making the dress take?
Making the dress will take only 14 days.
How many dresses are possible to buy?
The first wholesale order is from 3 dresses. Then you can order one dress at a time.
What delivery companies do we work with?
For many years we have been sending dresses by DHL Express. Delivery time takes 3-6 working days. And since we do a lot of shipments, we have a very big discount in DHL and therefore delivery is not expensive.
How to make payment?
There are different ways: payment by company account, payment by PayPal account, payment by transfer through different payment systems, for example Western Union, or Golden Crown. It depends on your country. Write our manager and he will tell the options for your country.
What taxes and custom fees should I pay?
We know taxes and custom fees are high in many countries. We know how to help our partners to make our cooperation long and profitable. Ask all details at our manager.
What are the guarantees that you are a reliable company?
We have our own manufacture, we've been making dresses for a long time and we have reputation that we value.
Do you make dresses according to bride's parameters?
Yes, we can make any dress from our collection to your bride's parameters. We take 10% from wholesale price for this service.
Where are you located?
We're international company. We have wholesale offices in three countries: Israel, the USA and Russia
What are your fashion guidelines?
Since we are an international company, we focus on global trends in wedding fashion, and not only on the taste sensations of brides from any one country. As a rule, these are designers from Australia, Israel and France.
What quality do you focus on?
We believe that a wedding dress is a special purchase. As a rule, happy brides keep the dress for many years as a pleasant memory of a happy day. Therefore, we adhere to the concept that the dress should be of very high quality both in tailoring and in materials. Therefore, we use only Turkish fabrics, and the sewing process is handled by a professional team. Look members of our team in the "about us" section.