The main celebration is already very close, but you still haven't chosen a location for the wedding shoot? Or maybe you don't want photos "like everyone else"? Then after reading this article, you will definitely decide on the location of the photo shoot. Here is an up-to-date selection of places for a wedding photo shoot, thanks to which the pictures will turn out to be especially atmospheric and extraordinary.

Photo studio

This is one of the most reliable places to shoot on a special day. You always know what kind of decor there is in a particular room, what kind of atmosphere reigns in it, what kind of furniture and lighting in the studio. Therefore, you will easily be able to determine in which photo studio you would like to capture your event.

Museum, house of culture or hotel lobby

Pictures in such places are incredibly luxurious. At the same time, you can always ask the photographer to make more restrained and concise shots, for example, in an old-fashioned manner or in black and white format. This will give the frames style, scale and simplicity.

Balconies and roofs of buildings

When you are worried that the weather on the day of the celebration may give you an unexpected surprise, another option for the location of the wedding shooting can be picturesque balconies. There you can hide from the rain or bright sunlight and take unusual photos. And, if the weather does not let you down, you will get shots on the roof with a beautiful view of the city.

Architecture, ancient buildings with columns

Минимализм и стиль задают на фотографиях такие локации. Благодаря необъятным колоннам, высоким аркам и лепнине, кадры получаются по-настоящему завораживающими. Те, кто стремится сделать фото, непохожие на чужие, оценят данный вариант места для съемки.


A fairly modern format of a wedding photo shoot. The combination of urban locations and wedding images is unusual, but bold. The couple literally merges into the rhythm of streets, cars and people. Red brick walls, strict lines, contrasting street colors – all this sets the rhythm in the pictures.

Cafe, bar, restaurant

Another outstanding place for wedding photography. If your goal is romantic shots, then a restaurant with a summer terrace or a bar in dark colors is perfect. If you want more youthful and relaxed shots – you need a fast food restaurant or any institution with contrasting colors in the design, fancy shapes of sofas, armchairs or tables.

Forest, field, mountains, sea – in nature

A natural location can also be beautiful and fascinating if you choose an interesting shooting angle, find an unnoticed place, and most importantly, convey your real emotions from the event in the pictures! There are so many amazing things in nature that you can easily choose a location for a photo shoot, even near the wedding ceremony.

Do not be upset if something went wrong on the day of the celebration. 

You can always create perfect pictures, the main thing is not to be upset and keep a positive attitude. Even if it's raining outside, it's not the end of the world at all. And in such weather, you can get shots no worse than in sunny weather! Just look at the atmosphere the guys created in the photo. The rain, it seems to us, only added a zest to the frames.