A wedding in a classic style will always be relevant. Such a celebration embodies sophistication, elegance and moderate luxury. Imagining a wedding in this style, you think about a room filled with light, about luxurious colors: cream, pearl, pink, blue, silver. A classic wedding does not involve any flashy shades, pretentious elements, flashy details and extra sparkle, everything is restrained and elegant here.


When looking for a closed room, the newlyweds can opt for a classic-style restaurant, a country cottage, where a refined and refined interior has been created. A wedding in this style or an exit registration ceremony can be organized in nature. Country hotels with an adjacent territory, a restaurant in a park, a beautiful location by a pond with a specially created tent or even an old castle are suitable. It is only important that the platform helps to create a unified concept of celebration, and not destroy it.


A wedding celebration in a classic style is, first of all, luxury and elegance, therefore, the elements with which the entire venue is decorated should be appropriate. No artificial colors, plenty of cheap glitter. Also, avoid plastic chairs and other interior or decor elements made of this material, especially if they look unpresentable.

Satin materials, tulle, lace, deep complex shades of textiles will fit perfectly into the wedding of this style. The celebration will be decorated with chic floristry, pearls, bows, gold or silver elements, beautiful crystal glasses, spectacular chandeliers and lamps, interesting candlesticks and, accordingly, candles.

The image of the bride

The image of the bride is also built on elegance. The main character of a classic wedding looks spectacular, expensive, but not pretentious.

The color of the dress corresponds to the palette of the holiday, so usually brides choose a white dress for a classic wedding. Mostly brides tend to dresses made of expensive high-quality materials: satin, crepe. The decor should not be flashy, consist of colorful ornaments and a large number of stones. Classic white or beige pumps will be the best solution for you.


The bride's bouquet, the boutonniere, the decor of the photo zone, the decoration of the guests' tables with flowers – all this should correspond to the wedding style chosen by the newlyweds. For a classic wedding, floristry involves delicate colors: white, pink, blue, yellow, but you can always include 1-2 brighter shades in the design (depending on your color palette). Today, the use of artificial flowers in the design of a wedding celebration, even when decorating a cake and decorating the bride's hairstyle, is not welcome, so choose live plants. When looking for floristry, select seasonal flowers. Avoid fashionable dried flowers and wildflowers for the design of a classic wedding, elegant and strict flowers with greenery will fit much more harmoniously into this style.

The image of the groom

A classic three–piece suit is the best option for the groom. A basic white shirt and suit of any color: classic black, graphite, dark gray, brown, etc. Choose a tie or bow tie according to your taste, but in the color scheme of the suit so that this element is not too flashy. Shoes, belt pick up the usual black or brown colors.


For a wedding in a classic style, we advise you not to order cakes with very bright, contrasting colors, with multicolored cakes or with dark colors. Also, cakes with a complex decor are not quite suitable: with many shapes, with fruit or berry decoration, with a huge amount of mastic. Today, the so-called "naked cakes" are relevant, whose cakes are not hidden by cream, but only carelessly covered with smears. This kind of cake also does not quite fit into a classic wedding celebration.

The most ideal dessert option will be an elegant cake with a restrained decor. It can be decorated with gold, silver or copper elements, sweet crystals or geometric shapes, if there are similar enlarged elements in the design of the hall: a triangular, square or round arch of the photo zone, for example. Also, there may be wedding-style flowers or beads on the cake.