Wedding in the style of minimalism

Minimalism style is conciseness, sophistication, freshness in the wedding location, in its decor, in floristry, in the design of the cake and, of course, in the images of the bride and groom. The main idea of this style stretches like a thin thread through the whole festive day – the absence of an excessive amount of details (in outfits, makeup, hairstyle – in everything, in a word).

A venue for a wedding day can be any place, be it a restaurant, a veranda of a country house or a studio. The main thing is that the location should be bright, spacious, with a high ceiling and large windows, natural light is an important component of the concept of minimalism. Any natural location can also be chosen as the venue. Avoid areas with dark or too bright interior elements: bard curtains, bulky painted vases, furniture of different designs or walls in flashy colors.
We recommend you to stay on a calm color scheme of pastel colors in the design of the hall and table setting. For decoration, choose geometric shapes (round arch, triangular photo zone racks, rectangular tables) and natural greenery. Simple candles and napkins without ornaments of the same color scheme will perfectly fit into the table decor.
Avoid massive decorative objects and artificial flower arrangements. This definitely does not convey the lightness and sophistication of the style. Also, be careful with materials of natural origin (wood, stone), a minimalistic wedding does not involve many elements from these materials.
That's what really conveys the freshness of a wedding in this style! Ask the decorator to decorate the photo zone, arch and tables with natural greenery, then a touch of naturalness will be provided. If you want to add flowers, do not choose bright and multicolored compositions, let them be a concise design element. Vases should also be discreet or completely transparent.
When choosing invitations and envelopes to them, observe the color scheme of the wedding day. Consult with the designer, he will tell you which 2-3 colors in the creation of invitations should stop. Let the design of your postcards be simple, without large patterns. Envelopes can be sealed with sealing wax or tape.
The image of the bride
We suggest starting with the main one – with a dress. Pick up without unnecessary details in the form of ruffles, lace, rhinestones, a large amount of embroidery. A simple elegant dress is what you need. Stick to the rule: the more accentuated the dress, the less noticeable the other elements should be (accessories, bouquet, veil, shoes, makeup, hairstyle). Otherwise, you risk overloading the image. Small laconic jewelry is ideal: pearl beads and a thread of the same material around the neck.
The bride's makeup is natural, without red lips and smoky eyes. The wishes for the hairstyle are similar: a minimum of visible hairpins and large hairpins. Let the hairstyle seem to be done "in a hurry". You can leave a few easily curled strands near your face or gather your hair into a careless low bun.
The image of the groom
For a man at a wedding in the style of minimalism, a classic tuxedo is suitable. The best solution for a more formal hall (restaurant, studio). If you decide to celebrate a wedding outside the city, in nature, choose a suit of natural color (graphite, light gray, brown). After the official part, the groom can take off his jacket and stay in a shirt and vest, so a three-piece suit is the most convenient option. For a celebration in a minimalist style, both a tie and a bow tie are suitable, the main thing is that the color of the element should be from the range of the wedding day.
Dress code for guests
Each couple independently decides whether to set a dress code for the event or not. We are not talking about the style of clothing, it is self-implied.
Today, a wedding celebration is more common, where guests are invited in outfits of a certain color scheme. This solution allows the celebration to really take place in a single conceived style. In addition, any guest can find a suitable one in his wardrobe (the color palette assumes from 5 to 8 acceptable shades). But you can not adhere to the dress code, if you are not afraid to see someone in a bright orange shirt in the wedding pictures.
When organizing a wedding day in the style of minimalism, remember the main rule: conciseness and the absence of unnecessary details that overload the light image.