What style of dress to choose for a Boho wedding? What materials are used to create a dress for a classic wedding? What details are the best to decorate a dress in the style of minimalism? What shades of the bride's outfit are optimal for a rustic celebration? In this article we suggest you to determine which dresses will suit the trending stylistics of the wedding celebration in the new season.

Boho Style Dress

The fabric for the dress is selected airy, flowing. You can choose the standard color – white, but Boho welcomes less classic options: beige, cream, sand, ivory, pale pink. The silhouette of a dress of this style is usually loose, without a corset and a full skirt, but fitted or airy. The peculiarity of the style is a lot of handmade decorative elements: embroidery with beads, pearls and, of course, the most beautiful, as a rule, matte lace, which can be everywhere: on sleeves, skirt, neckline. As a decoration, it is possible to use decoration with feathers, fringe to emphasize the bohemian style.

Rustic Style Dress

The fabric for the dress in this style is chosen primarily natural: linen, cotton, chiffon. Satin or silk will definitely not work, as well as any brilliant options. The color also, in addition to white, can be milky or powdery. The silhouette of the dress is often chosen simple. The length of the sleeves, the neckline on the chest or back do not matter, but a too full skirt or voluminous lantern sleeves are not suitable for a Rustic wedding. Usually, brides choose an outfit with elegant floral lace and an airy skirt to emphasize their femininity.

Classic Style Dress

There are a lot of variations of fabrics for sewing a classic wedding dress: silk, satin, organza, chiffon, tulle, crepe. Shimmer and shine will be appropriate here. Also, lace is a frequent element of the decor of such a dress. The color of the bride's wedding dress in a classic dress is most often traditional – white / milky. The silhouette of the dress can be either more or less lush. The main thing is not to use outdated hoop rings to add volume to the skirt. The upper part of a classic wedding dress can be corseted, unlike a Boho or Rustic dress, for example. The sleeves can also be very voluminous. Often, the length is in the floor. Also, the dress may include a train.

Minimalism Style Dress

You can safely choose such fabrics for sewing dresses in the style of minimalism: silk, satin, crepe, white / milk color will be the best option for the bride. The silhouette of the dress does not have to be simple, because minimalism does not mean simplicity, cheapness. You can choose an outfit with large flounces on the skirt, for example, or trendy voluminous sleeves, or a large number of elegant buttons on the back. The peculiarity of this style is not in the absence of details at all, but in the fact that they look appropriate and do not catch the eye. The main thing in this style is the perfect fit of dresses on the figure.