Rustic wedding

This style is, first of all, unity with nature. It combines naturalness, natural materials, and simplicity of decor. At a rustic wedding, you will not find gloss and pretentious gloss, an abundance of bright colors and artificial details (for example, plastic, inanimate flowers).

For a rustic wedding, the best choice would be a natural location. It can be a field, a picturesque place by a river or lake, a forest playground. But, having settled on such options, during the event you may encounter various unforeseen circumstances, the main of which is a change in weather conditions. Therefore, if you prefer a natural location, think in advance about spare wedding venues (an additional tent or veranda nearby).
If you want to organize a holiday indoors, a restaurant, a veranda or any other hall without luxurious decor and glitter will suit you. Naturalness will fit perfectly into the style of the celebration: wood in the design of the site, stone, natural greenery.
In the design of the chosen location, naturalness is also welcomed: wooden chairs and tables (moreover, chairs can be different, the main thing is not to use plastic), wooden and live bars for the table decor (a gypsophila plant is often used instead of many bright colors), fabrics of natural shades (sand, cream, brown, blue, gray). Also, classical lamps are used less often in the decor, they resort to decorating the hall with lights of garlands or more unusual lanterns, for example. Locations are decorated with stretching flags, as at village fairs, and decorated bottles are used instead of classic vases. The photo location can be decorated with a wooden arch with greenery, stylized barrels or boxes
The image of the bride
This style dictates to us naturalness and freshness. The image of the bride should also be as light and natural as possible. No too fluffy skirts and classic strict silhouettes of the outfit, for example, crepe. The dress is selected from an airy fabric that gently flows from the movements of the girl or the breeze. It is better to replace classic pumps or stilettos with sandals of a more free style or shoes with low heels.
Do not complicate the hairstyle either, the ideal option will be half-loose braids, curls, as if created in a hurry, or a careless low bun. Accessories can become cute accents of the image in the Rustic style: a wreath on the head of wildflowers or a hair ornament – a twig, (the main thing is that it should be neat, not fancy). Try to make your makeup as natural as possible, without bright smoky eyes and bright red lips.
The image of the groom
In the rustic style, it is better to replace a classic strict suit with a more casual style with an emphasis on convenience and comfort. Of course, sneakers and jeans will be out of place here, but to replace a black jacket and trousers, it is better to find a suit of a natural shade: graphite, light gray, sand, cream, brown, green, lavender. After the ceremonial part, you can take off your jacket and stay in one shirt or complement the image with a vest. Change the tie to a bow tie or completely abandon this element, diversify the image of the groom with suspenders. Strict black shoes will not suit this style, so it is better to choose loafers, chelsea, deserts or moccasins, based on the season in which your celebration takes place.
A rustic wedding seems to breathe simple and natural colors. Complex floral arrangements and generally unusual types of flowers are organically replaced by wildflowers or simpler flowers. Both the bride's bouquet and the overall decor of the location are often created either with natural greenery with small buds, or garden flowers. Also, the fashion for dried flowers is in full swing, and in a rustic wedding it can be decorated with pampas grass or cereal plants.
The perfect cake for a rustic wedding will be a cake with bare cakes or a textured cake. Confectioners use fresh flowers, herbs or berries and fruits to decorate desserts. Mastic is irrelevant this season. Also, for cakes or portioned desserts for a wedding of this style, it is not recommended to use complex shapes for decoration, a lot of bright accent colors or glossy surfaces. Again we strive for naturalness and simplicity.
Details and ideas
The classic ring cushion can be replaced by a wooden box. Make wedding invitations on kraft paper, stylized as a tree, attach dried flowers or a rope cord to the envelope. A wedding candy bar can be filled with unusual sweets, and beautiful baskets with berries, fruits and nuts, for example.
Rustic is the wedding style that creates a real cozy celebration. All the details decorate the holiday and make it so warm and cozy not only for the newlyweds, but also for every guest of the holiday.