wedding date— 18.12.2020
bride Anastasia/Chelyabinsk
Hello! Finally I got my hands on the photos. I want to say a big thank you, you gave me confidence and a feeling that I am irresistible on the most important day for me. I collected a million compliments not only from relatives and friends, but also from unfamiliar observers of our holiday, the girls just came up and said that now they know what dress they want for their wedding) And in the Emirates I just became the object of photographing absolutely all the people around! They tried to admire the dress in all possible languages) And of course the stage of dress selection itself was incredibly comfortable, thank you for your understanding, for the fact that literally a month before the wedding we decided to sew your branded dress and now I understand that this cardinal change was 100% justified! You make us happier, thank you for that!