One of the most time–consuming and important points during the wedding preparation is the search for a suitable location for the celebration. It is complicated by a large number of nuances that should be taken into account when choosing the ideal place.

Number of guests

First you need to analyze how many guests you want to see at the wedding. Of course, the size of the chosen venue depends on this: guests should not be cramped, but the space should also be cozy, that is, it is not worth choosing a huge hall with a small number of guests.


The logistics of the wedding day should be built qualitatively. It will be more convenient for newlyweds and guests if the road from the registry office to the ceremonial site is fast. Therefore, if you choose a restaurant outside the city, for example, think in advance how everyone can comfortably get to the place.

The style of the celebration

The location of the banquet part, of course, should reflect the overall wedding style. If your celebration is planned in the loft concept, a restaurant or a playground with brick walls and contrasting light is ideal. If you have settled on the rustic or boho style, the space should be light, and natural shades may be present in the decor.

Season and weather

It is important to understand whether you can consider an open area for the banquet part or whether you should make a choice in favor of a closed room. It all depends on the weather and the season in general. Think about this moment in advance. If you choose an open terrace or a clearing, make sure that, in case of bad weather, you have somewhere to move.

Also, if you wish to conduct an on-site registration, booking an indoor hall, specify whether there is a stylized roof veranda, a picturesque gazebo or another location for this part of the event in this institution.

Service and infrastructure

The quality of staff service is also of great importance. In order to understand the level of work of waiters, to evaluate the quality of dishes, it is worth visiting the institution in advance. Then you will be able to give a genuine assessment of this place and understand whether you want to hold a wedding celebration here or not.

In addition, if there are people with disabilities or elderly people on your guest list, make sure that they will feel comfortable on this site, access to every corner of the location will be provided for them.

Also, we have compiled a list of items that will help you find the optimal venue for the event:

1. Site menu. How is the order of additional dishes for the banquet carried out if necessary?

2. Is there a possibility of personal alcohol, what is the cork fee in this case?

3. How much in advance do I need to submit a list of guests for the wedding?

4. Does the payment for the rental of the location include banquet service?

5. How many hours does the rental of the hall imply? How are additional rental hours paid for: at the beginning of the banquet or is it possible to pay after the end of the booked hours?

6. Is there all the necessary lighting and sound equipment? Can I bring my own?

7. The exact number of chairs, tables, material, style.

8. Is it acceptable to replace the interior with a certain style of celebration?

9. Does the hall provide its own decorator for the event and is it possible to keep your own if the newlyweds wish?

10. Will there be other events on the site in neighboring halls?

11. What additional expenses should the newlyweds take into account?

12. Is there a location for on-site registration (veranda, roof, terrace, clearing, gazebo, etc.)?

13. Is there a discount system on certain days or under certain booking conditions?

14. Nuances when canceling a reservation.

15. Is there a specially designated convenient parking for the transport of guests?

16. Hotels near the banquet hall to accommodate visiting guests (if necessary).

17. All kinds of restrictions: music volume, fireworks, decorative items, etc.

Our main advice is to start looking for a place as early as possible, because, as a rule, all worthy sites are booked long before the event. Be responsible, do not risk missing your ideal location for the wedding day. If necessary, use the help of a specialist in finding the best place.