Some brides refuse this accessory today. Although this is truly the most special element of the wedding image.

The veil is the personification of the purity of the girl and retains some note of mystery. And there is no need to say how tremulous is the moment when the groom lifts the veil from the face of his beloved.
Decorated veil
For a classic dress without flashy details, you can choose a veil with pearl beads, a little glitter, a neat pattern or lace. If there are openwork lace inserts on the dress, choose a veil with a similar fabric to maintain a single concept, a mantilla veil (framed with lace at the edges) is an excellent option. The main thing is not to overload the image because naturalness and freshness are the trend of this season.
If you still have a veil completely embroidered with lace in your soul it can become the highlight of the whole image. But remember that in this case your dress should not attract all the attention, it should be as restrained as possible.
Transparent veil without decoration
Opt for the simplest version of the veil without any additional decorations, if your dress is already quite detailed with beads, sequins, lace or beads. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be too full of little things, and you risk turning from an airy bride into a heavy artificial doll.
If the dress involves an open back, also choose an almost transparent veil in one layer, so as not to hide such a cute feature of your wedding image.
Do you want to create a truly royal image? choose a veil with a train.
It will perfectly complement the image of the bride in a dress with a train or to the silhouette of a "mermaid". Such a veil will make your image not just special, but really luxurious and solemn.