Boho wedding style 

Boho wedding is one of the most popular today. From the French Bohemian – Gypsy, it speaks about the freedom of the image, the naturalness of the decor, the lightness of fabrics, asymmetry and contrast of details. This style is somewhat reminiscent of the hippie subculture with elements of hand made. At first glance, this style combines incompatible things. In addition, it denies everything conventional and traditional.

For a Boho-style wedding, a location in nature is ideal, although you can also choose a closed room, as long as it is decorated appropriately. Natural materials should be present in the hall, tent, veranda or roof, wood is the main one. Do not choose a room exclusively with white (light) shades, otherwise it will be difficult to create the necessary entourage, and a wedding celebration can resemble a classic celebration with only Boho elements.
Eclecticism is the main highlight of a Boho wedding. This means that a combination of elements from different directions will be welcomed at the celebration. You can safely use different types of colors, different materials (wood, textiles, stone) in the design of a photo zone, banquet hall or other location, you can even arrange different chairs and tables for guests.
In the decor of this stylistic direction, pampas grass and dried flowers are often used instead of bright greenery. Ethnic elements are welcome: stylized carpets, a shooting area with lanterns and ribbons, animal horns, bright extraordinary dishes, a wooden arch for the newlyweds as if made with their own hands and a long common table for guests. All this will fit perfectly into the celebration of the Boho style.
The Boho style can be distinguished by the following element – the abundance of pampas grass and dried flowers. Replacing fresh bright greenery is almost the most important detail in creating the whole wedding day. Light fluffy dried flowers are everywhere: on the wedding arch, in the design of tables, photo zones and cakes, in the hands of the bride in the form of a bouquet and even in the groom's boutonniere. Also, many decorators and florists suggest using feathers in the design of the above elements.
The image of the bride
The embodiment of a Boho wedding is a bride's dress made of natural materials. It is light without a full skirt and a long train. A simple cut dress without corsets and additional complicating elements. The peculiarity of the bride's outfit is the abundance of large lace and mesh. The hairstyle emphasizes the naturalness of the girl. Most often, brides create careless waves or even collect their hair in a careless bun, emphasizing it with flowers in the style of the wedding. Classic pearl accessories will be out of place here, as well as bright evening makeup. It is better to choose handmade earrings from jewelry and pick up a hat, and ask the makeup artist to make fresh and natural makeup.
The image of the groom
In order for the groom's appearance to match the style of the wedding celebration, it is worth replacing the classic black suit with a suit in graphite, light gray or, for example, sand. "Troika" is ideal for a wedding, because you can stay in a shirt and vest after the official part. Some men prefer suspenders worn over a white cotton shirt, this option will perfectly fit into this style of celebration.
Although a Boho wedding dictates simplicity and freedom, we do not advise the groom to wear jeans for the event. Strict shoes can be replaced with less classic shoes, but still remember that sports sneakers are not suitable for a wedding. The choice of accessories is also important, it is better to remove a massive watch, and replace the bow tie with a bow tie or completely abandon these accessories. A man can also pick up a hat.
Details and ideas
As we have already found out, a Boho wedding is still eclectic. Therefore, we offer you a few ideas that you can introduce into your holiday in order to give it even more entourage.
Combine chairs with small ottomans, armchairs and sofas, the upholstery of which may be different, with vintage elements. Invite a farmer for 1-2 hours, arrange a small shoot with alpacas, llamas or even camels (if available). To create invitations and a stand for seating guests, order a special paper with scuffs. Dream catchers will fit perfectly into the photo zone for a Boho-style wedding, and garlands with large light bulbs will create a mysterious atmosphere for the continuation of the celebration.
We hope that now you will pick up the perfect images for the wedding day even faster and create a wonderful decoration for your festive venue. You will not regret that you chose this particular style of celebration, because a celebration in the Boho style will definitely not be able to leave anyone indifferent.